Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Everyday is a Winding Road

The most stressful thing about the Fryeburg Fair is not having to drive there over the mountain pass because Ken, in typical male fashion, refused to go the direct route (although he did make up for it yesterday when he asked for directions to the PYO apple orchard in Madison before we were hopelessly lost), or worrying about packing for unpredictable weather (rain boots, no rain boots, shorts, jeans, hats, sweatshirts, slickers, umbrellas, just repack the entire car...) The most stressful thing about the Fryeburg Fair was choosing where to park.
The approach to the main gate is lined with people beckoning you to park with them. Everyone is offering a different perk. Should we park at the Catholic church that has the same name as the catholic church in North Falmouth? Should we park in the lot that advertises a great view? How about the lot with the big blue ribbon painted on its sign advertising $5 parking. A blue ribbon for auxiliary parking? Is there really such a thing, and if so, what's the criteria they are judged on? The friendliness and cleanliness of the people waving American flags and streamers? Clever rhymes such as "only lot with a pot." Practically such as, "no cars blocked in." Location, location, location: "only three minutes to the gate."
Ultimately, and after much consideration, we chose the lot that promised not to block us in, mainly because we suspected it was the same place we'd parked last year and we were hoping they offered discounts to repeat customers. We turned down the road in front of the girl waving white streamers with the enthusiasm of a cheerleader in training but didn't see anyone ready to guide us into their lot or looking to collect money so we kept driving. A short way down the road we saw Graustein Park, turned right, and with a growing line of cars, parked facing the playground - for free.

song: Everyday is a Winding Road • artist: Sheryl Crow

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