Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How Long Has This Been Going On?

How long can I use my children as an excuse for my deteriorated mental state? I was hopelessly disorganized and inept before I had kids, I'm incurably muddled now, I expect to be equally confused in the future.
Today I spent my allotted four and a half hours of work for which I am paid in Sandwich interviewing merchants for the holiday gift guide.
The danger in interviewing merchants is always that you'll spend more money in their shops than you're earning. At one shop I thought I'd splurge on two $1.50 rubber duckies dressed as mummies for the twins. I dug around in my pocketbook and couldn't turn up my wallet which I figured I'd left in my coat pocket at home. Great - I'm in Sandwich, driving around with no license. Worse, It's 2PM, I'm really hungry, and I have no money. So I headed in to the hospital to bum money off my darling husband who comes up with a whopping $4. I made the most of it by purchasing a bagel, toasted with butter, now a whopping $2.94 at my local bagel shop. I ate it in the car to make up for time lost riding up and down the elevator at the hospital (I can never remember if I'm suppose to get off at level 1 or G).
On my way to pick up H at 5PM I realized that my coat, with my wallet in the pocket, is draped over one of the car seats in the second row of the minivan.
On the bright side, maybe I lost some weight by skipping lunch.

song: How Long Has This Been Going On? • artist: Ambrosia

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