Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mr. Sandman

Four stinky diapers changed in 10 hours today. It seemed like more.
Lately I feel as if I never sit down. Which is probably because I never sit down. It doesn't help that we have no dining room chairs (we bring them out for dinner and then put them away again after) because the twins have a little climbing obsession.
I collected a big bucket of sand the other night because I'd read that, in lieu of a root cellar, you can store carrots in your garage in a bucket of sand and I'm just the kind of person willing to give that a try. The sand came from Old Silver - the good stuff. After packing away the carrots there was still a lot of it left so put the bucket in the kitchen and let N & S play in it, which they did with great gusto.
Later in the day they couldn't understand why it was okay to play in the bucket of sand - but not okay to run their cars through the box of kitty liter.

song: Mr. Sandman • artist The Chordettes

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