Friday, April 09, 2010

Green Green Grass of Home

Someone has mowed the beach grass outside the windows at work. That creepy beach grass that's growing in a perfect pattern, like some sort of enormous hair weave.
It's strange because I've never seen anyone mow the beach grass that grows – at the beach.
I thought the whole point of xeriscaping was that it required no maintenance.
I'll tell you what's low maintenance - the brush (if you lived in England you might call it a thicket) that was outside our office windows before some landscape company decided to butt in, do the town a favor, and "beautify" it.
Not only was the brush maintenance free, it was diverse; it attracted birds and butterflies. The only thing misplaced beach grass attracts is the occasional empty Poland Spring bottle.
And while I'm on the subject of inane human interventions - how about them osprey? I like how we humans are all slapping ourselves on the back over the helping hand we've extended in their spectacular recovery from the brink of extinction. Of course if we hadn't poisoned their food supply and chopped down the big dead trees they liked to nest in perhaps they wouldn't have been endangered to begin with.
So yes, we banned DDT and put up platforms; but it's a bit like throwing a man overboard and then tossing him a life jacket.
The least we could do under the circumstances.

song: Green Green Grass of Home • artist: Curly Putnam

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