Friday, April 16, 2010

Let's Just Kiss And Say Goodbye

It's funny when you tip toe into your sons' bedroom at night and try to put their wastepaper basket back in its proper place except you drop it (twice!) and then you turn off the lullaby CD that, for some reason, has decided to go into endless loop mode (House at Pooh Corner again?). Next you try to switch the nightlight from power save mode to "on" so you can turn off the closet light but you drop the nightlight, which is a large clunky thing and then you start laughing -because how can you not be waking them up? And all the while you are brushing your teeth with your electric toothbrush because multitasking is the name of the game, baby.
And what was with that couple up at the top of Highfield Drive yesterday? The one making out for what seemed like hours on end? An ordinary middle-aged couple, not teenagers who can be forgiven for dubiously placed public displays of affection at least by those who remember their own indiscretions.
I could see if they were at the bottom of the hill - at the bus depot, but up by the trail head?
What's that all about?
"I'll miss you so much while you walk the dog?"
Just walk him already!

song: Let's Just Kiss And Say Goodbye • artist: The Manhattans

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