Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Right Place, Wrong Time

parenting tip #4637: The meal you prepare for supper will never be so appetizing as when your child eats it off the floor the following morning.

parenting tip #4891: The toddler who does not poop in his diaper all morning will unload with a colossal dump the moment you arrive at: a) the park, b) his big brother's piano lesson, c) the library, d) all of the above.
Do not forget to remove said stink bomb from your car upon arriving home.

song: Right Place, Wrong Time • artist: Dr. John


Karinya said...

Oh, man.

For whatever reason, my daughter seems to save it for Kohl's. We don't even go there that often! But Every. Darn. Time. ...

Joanne said...

Yes, who know why certain locations "move" them!
I always get caught (holding the bag if you will,) in some small store where I would feel badly depositing a ripe diaper in their trash can. Consequently I end up driving around with smelly diapers in my car.