Saturday, November 06, 2010

Tonight, Tonight

parenting tip #3,985: Don't bother putting your toddler's shoes on until you physically get to where you are going. They will only take them off in the car.

parenting tip #3,986: In adhering to the above advice, don't forget said shoes at home or your kids will be the only ones watching soccer practice in their socks.

parenting tip #3,987: Throw moldy jack-o-lanterns into compost heap while your children are in school. Prior to October 31, set carved pumpkins on plates or plywood for post-holiday ease of removal transport.

song: Tonight, Tonight • artist: Smashing Pumpkins


Karinya said...

The shoes in the car thing drives me CRAZY. We take them off, we put them back on the wrong feet, we take them off, we throw one into the front seat, we lose the other one down into the depths of all the junk on the floor in the back, we have an epic tantrum because mom can't drive and fish out said shoes at the same time, ...

I hopped over here from blogher. I like your writing. I'm a follower now!

-Karinya @ Unlikely Origins

Joanne said...

Hi Karinya,
Thanks for checking in. Yes, after four children I have decided the best way to proceed with shoes is to just stick them in my pocketbook and put them on when we arrive. Which works until that fateful day when you forget them!