Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Deb at Kicking Corners is encouraging her readers to keep scraps of paper and pencils around the house and office and in the car on which to jot down ideas when they spring to mind.
I like this idea as I'm definitely peripatetic. As soon as I sit down to write all my ideas flee.
So I carried a notebook around all day and kept it nearby while I worked my way through my to do list (wash kitchen wall, make guest bed, plant lettuce); but the stress of knowing that I was prepared should a thought arise effectively kept the ideas from flowing.
I was reminded of this little ditty though - an autograph book poem from middle school. Remember autograph books?
Can't think. 
Brain dumb.
Inspiration won't come.
Poor ink.
Bum pen.
Best wishes.

song Rewrite • artist: Paul Simon


dbstevens said...

Ha! Classic. At least something came to mind from the whole deal. This post...the ditty you were reminded of...

Amen indeed.

Joanne said...

I'm still going to keep a notebook handy. Maybe something more inspiring will come to mind. It's better than trying to remember things at the end of the day.