Friday, May 17, 2013

Come to My Window

I don't know why we keep a running tab on a chalkboard in S & N's bedroom of whose turn it is to sleep on the outside of their bed when by the end of the night they are usually both in our bed anyway.
S said he doesn't like to sleep on the inside of the bed because he's afraid fingers are going to come in the window and grab him.
Where does a freaky idea like that come from? Too many Pixar movies? Too much of Dr. Suess's story of the spooky green pants with nobody inside them? Admittedly that story did freak out my sister when she was little.
I assured S that the window was locked and that he had N in the room to keep him from being scared plus me, daddy, C & H right down the hall. 
He said okay but added that he still thought about the fingers.
Now I can't stop thinking about them either!

song: Come to My Window • artist: Melissa Etheridge

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