Saturday, May 18, 2013

Maggie's Farm II

So there's this 5K race off Cape next weekend to benefit the National Farmers Market Association, an organization with headquarters in Washington,DC. 
The entry cost is $50, which, if you're a racing regular you'll agree is a steep entry fee for a 5K.
How steep? For example K and C ran a 5K race in Onset today with a $20 entry fee. The upcoming Falmouth Flag Day 5K is $25. Register online for the Paul White Memorial Road Race and it will only cost you $15.
"It's a benefit" we were informed when the high cost of the race was questioned. 
The majority of road races are benefits.
Again to today's race. It was benefit for the local YMCA's support fund which provides financial assistance to families who might not be able to otherwise afford to purchase memberships or participate in programs and camps. A worthy cause right?. The Flag Day race supports the town's education foundation, and the Paul White is a major fundraiser for the North Falmouth Village Association.
Now - if you know me at all you know I'm a ginormous fan of farms, farmers markets and all things local food related but I can't help but wonder how much this race is benefitting family farmers and local farmers markets.
Touted as family friendly - if two members of my family wanted to run the race it would cost us $100 - which doesn't seem family friendly to me. H has been known just the occasional 5K too - that would run us $150.
Granted there is a post race party with music, food and an expo - but other (cheaper) races also do up their post race events the right way.
The race is being promoted by a professional management company and it's chip timed which may account for some of the extra expense and you know what? People will probably come out and run it and feel good about supporting local farms though whether they are or not remains to be seen.
Want to support your local farm? Forget running 5Ks for $50 - for an extra $10 you can purchase a membership at Coonamessett Farm which will cover you for an entire season of visiting the farm and being able to go onto the property and pick and purchase your own fresh veggies. 
And if you still want to get in some exercise, a few trips up and back to visit the alpacas will certainly cover you for a distance of 5K.

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