Friday, May 31, 2013

Coming Up Close

Leo caught a chipmunk yesterday which is pretty good for a cat who sits outside on the doorstep tethered to the plant stand by a four-foot leash.
I did manage to get her to drop it without having it dropped in my kitchen, it scampered off past the garage, none the worse for wear and a little wiser, I hope.
Wildlife, no matter how hard we try, we're still, with the best of intentions, hurting it.
While biking to school we saw a dead mouse on the bike path. Really? A biker out saving the world by not driving their gas guzzling and polluting car, had the misfortune of hitting a rodent? More misfortunate for the rodent obviously. An avid biker friend told me her husband once hit (and killed) a chipmunk. It just seems like dumb luck, like tying up your cat and having it still catch a chipmunk.
Other times it's just us who are dumb.
Someone threw their noodle lunch thingy out the window of their car on Quaker Road last week and it attracted one of our resident foxes (there's a family in the neighborhood), and he (I'm assuming it was the dad) stood in the middle of the street eating said noodles while cars thankfully slowed and went around him (one woman leaned out and took a photo with her cell phone) until I spoiled the fun by clearing the feast to the side of the road so the fox wouldn't ultimately get hit. Come on people - if you're going to throw your leftovers out the window at least make it the passenger window so wildlife doesn't have to stand in the middle of the street to eat it...

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