Monday, January 20, 2014

Don't Think Twice it's All Right

The recipe for lemon square came from the internet. I suspect the only reason I made them was because there were lemons going to pot in the fridge. I made them once, twice, at least three times before the twins decided they loved them - N so much so that he listed them as his favorite food in the kindergarten "All About Me" project.
But the rub is that the more my kids profess to love them - the harder I find them to make. They stick to the bottom of the pan. The lemon filling doesn't set. The powdered sugar doesn't stick. Yesterday all three of these mishaps befell me. I don't quite know what's going on.
It's like going bowling. You bowl a frame and you're carefree and could careless - and then you notice that things are going pretty well, you're bowling lots of 8s and 9s (which is pretty darn good for some of us) and then suddenly Bam! you bowl a gutter ball and then another and then you're lucky to get a pin or two down. What happened?
You started to care too much about it, that's what. You over thought it. You got too much inside your own head. If you were a Buddhist you might say you got too attached to it.
On the other hand the lemon square were still edible, at least as far as much kids were concerned and as for the bowling, it's not about winning or losing it's about a night out with your kids and looking good in them there bowling shoes.

song: Don't Think Twice it's All Right • artist: Bob Dylan

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Mary said...

So true! (and the ongoing story of my life, I think!)