Sunday, January 12, 2014

Handyman Blues

From the end of August up until about two weeks ago our downstairs toilet wasn't working properly. 
Flushing it was like playing Russian toilet roulette. It would work fine and then every 5th or 6th flush it would back up.
I may have toned up my butt climbing the stairs constantly to use the upstairs bathroom.
It didn't affect S & N much because they already won't use the downstairs bathroom because they can always find some lone spider holed up in a corner down there - apparently when you're five, spiders are way scarier than overflowing toilets.
You may wonder why I didn't mention this before and I'll tell you.
It's because commenting on your own parenting inadequacies, or on the wacky things that your kids say or do, is funny in a folksy, self-deprecating way but having a broken toilet, well that's just downright embarrassing.  
Ken valiantly hauled it outside on the back deck not once, but twice.
What's more embarrassing than having a broken toilet? 
Having a broken toilet on your back deck.
He fished foreign objects out of it not once, but twice (tweezers and a metal bracelet).
Who says boys don't wear (and lose) jewelry?

song: Handyman Blues • artist: Billy Bragg

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