Friday, January 31, 2014

Movin' Out

Today I drove to the shopping plaza in order to go to the sports exchange and order C his soccer uniform except that the sports exchange wasn't at that particular shopping plaza - that one reference by both my husband and I as "the shopping plaza where Amigos restaurant used to be."
So I asked a co-worker who had better information than I, and then called to ask them if I was in danger of being too late to place my order. Thankfully, I have until Saturday so there's still time but before I got off the phone with them I caught myself asked, "so you're in the plaza where White Hen Pantry used to be?"
Where Amigos used to be?
Where White Hen Pantry used to be?
Could I please reference a store that's still in business please and not just one that only exist in my own mind?
On my way home from work I stopped at the coffee shop and read a flyer advertising a showing of Casablanca commemorating the movie's 70th anniversary.
I remember seeing a special showing of Casablanca that commemorating the movie's 50th anniversary at the Wilton Town Hall Theater in New Hampshire this groovy little theater upstairs at the Wilton Town Hall.
So I was feeling uber old but then I googled the theater guess what? Unlike Amigos and White Hen it's still open!

song: Movin' Out • artist: Billy Joel

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