Thursday, April 09, 2015

H is for Heavy

Children are heavy, especially when you have twins and you have to schlepp them around in those infant car seats because you can't fit your double stroller through the doorway of your local coffee shop. I remember discovering this dismal fact on one of my first outings with the twins and then having to stand outside the coffee shop pathetically peering through the windows until the barista saw me salivating out there and came outside and took my order. Which she finally did. Which is why you should always support your local coffee shop.
But I digress.
People used to comment about how I was getting such a great work out in by carrying the kids around in their car seats and about what a great upper body workout it must be was but that was all bunk, seven years later I can't see that it's done me much good. I even tried putting of the twins in the baby Bjorn front pack and the other in the LL Bean backpack and wearing them both - what a freak show that was.
Even in the double stroller they were heavy. Mostly because their two older brothers would try to get away with sitting on the front until I'd notice and shoo them off.
It's odd because they were so light when they were born at 5lbs each. "Like loaves of bread," my husband commented when we were still in the hospital with them thus forever cementing the old outdated "bun in the oven" adage in reference to pregnant women.

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Unknown said...

You had me at hello, I mean heavy. Yes, indeedy, children are heavy. My five weighed over 50 pounds in birth weight. I DO indeed have what it takes, and I get you get you get you. I have three boys and two girls (G, B, B, G, B).

I did the Baby Bjorn on the front and Tough Traveler on the back! Just wrote about sometime during this challenge. I had a third at the time who I put into the umbrella stroller. My well-thought-out plan yielded babies three times in less than three years.

We're a little further along the road than you, and there are ways in which children are still heavy. :-) But WHAT fantastic gifts they are.

Love your blog. I GET YOU!

Visiting from a to z blog challenge

Joanne said...

Thanks for your comment Susan. I am thoroughly one upped! I was going to expand further on how children are mentally heavy as well as physically heavy but I thought I'd save it for later, specifically for "Q is for Questions."

Lisa said...

Which is why I always thought the strollers with one in front and one behind might be easier. But I suppose both have their + and - aspects. Cool barista! You are so brave to have had 4 kids! Lisa, co-host AtoZ 2015, @

Joanne said...

We were gifted the stroller so beggars can't be choosers. I remember thinking about the one in the front, one in the back stroller and feeling sorry for the kid in the back who doesn't get much of a view although I think I've seen them now where there's a height different between them so that that problem's been eliminated.