Friday, April 01, 2016

A is for Anthropomorphic

10 Anthropomorphic Animals that would make better presidents than Donald Trump:

1. Frog (with Toad as VP)
2. Sylvester (when he was a rock)
3. Babar the Elephant
4. Lyle (the crocodile)
5. Olivia
6. Pete the Cat
7. Arthur Read (with D.W. as his VP)
8. Gerald (with Piggy as his VP)
9. the dad from the Berenstain Bears
10. The Cheshire Cat


Unknown said...

Cool post! Short and sweet! Even i have taken up this challenge! All the best to us!
-Pranita Sohony from
Being Mumma

Linda G Hill said...

...wait, I thought he was the Cheshire Cat. ;) hehehe - A-Z Minion

Tamara said...

I dare to say that any animal would make for a better president...

Unknown said...

... I vote for the dad from the Berenstain Bears. He always seemed to have the right solutions. I'd actually go as far as saying he has expressed more policy specifics than Trump.
Your fellow A-Zer,

Sati Chock said...

These are really brilliant, all of 'em. I'd vote for ANY of them over the Donald. Thanks for the chuckle!