Wednesday, April 20, 2016

R is for Rock & Roll

10 Deceased Rockers who would have made better presidents than Donald Trump

1. Roy Orbison
2. Buddy Holly
3. Janis Joplin
4. Joe Cocker
5. Jim Morrison
6. Freddie Mercury
7. Donna Summer
8. Bob Marley
9. Michael Jackson
10. David Bowie


The Silver Fox said...

Oh, hell, I'd vote for almost every one!

Anonymous said...

Blog hopping during the #Challenge. Find your post difficult to read with this black background. I know it is edgy, and the work it takes to participate in the AtoZ, so hate for you to loose readers because of this difficulty. Check your stats from beginning to end, to see if I am smoking the drapes because you have many new followers. I have learned several things from other blogs this time. I invite people to follow with e-mail notifications, but have found out people want alternatives to that. Have to figure that out next. Visiting on the letter R day where I have written about a hotel in Italy that I used in a second novel. Wish I were writing you from there rather than North Carolina. Having hun, however. Cheers .

Joanne said...

Guess I have to add Prince to this list.

Michelle Wallace said...

I vote Michael Jackson and Prince - a joint presidency filled with music. Can't go wrong!

Visiting via the A to Z challenge.
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