Friday, April 08, 2016

G is for Girl Power

10 Kick-Ass Women who would make better presidents than Donald Trump
I couldn't decide between real or fictional so here's 5 of each

1. Thelma (with Louise as VP)
2. Dana Scully
3. Sabrina Duncan
4. Flo (the Progressive Insurance gal)
5. Hermione Granger
6. Patty Smith
7. Betty White
8. Michelle Obama
9. Maya Angelou
10. Erin Brockovich


Archana said...

I guess these women would do a great job in any post! I am unfamiliar with American politics and the election system so I cannot comment on any comparison...
@yenforblue from
Spice of Life!

Bob Scotney said...

Any one but Trump seems better to us in the UK. Trouble is these kick-ass girls can't kick him hard enough.

Keith Channing said...

This is a good list.

My first visit this month.

It would be more challenging to find 10 who wouldn't!

Keiths Ramblings said...

Can't argue with that!

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Bish Denham said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I LOVE, love, love your theme! ANYone, would be better than the DT... which I say stands for Delirium Tremors...

I'm a visiting minion with the Joyful Brigade.

Random Musings said...

Let's face it, it would be harder to make lists of people who wouldn't be better than Trump for president! Hermione Granger would make a perfect president

Joanne said...

I don't know how to comment back to individual comments but yes to Keith and Random, it would be MUCH harder to come up with people who would make worse presidents. I think I could find 10 (Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, Jeffrey Dahmer, etc), but 10 x 26 posts for 260? That would be a challenge.
Thanks for stopping and reading.

The Silver Fox said...

Betty White's got my vote!

djinnia said...

yeah just about anyone would be better than trump. love the list of awesome women!

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Great list! Almost anyone would be a better president that the Donald. What are people thinking! Well, I know, they are fed up. Sick of our government as usual. So, they are embracing him as some kind of cowboy that's gonna ride in and clean up the town. Problem is, they didn't check to see what color hat he's wearing.
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