Saturday, June 24, 2006

Goody Two Shoes

Yesterday I met Adam Lazarus. Adam is an ant expert. That his name is Adam, as in Adam Ant for all you lovers of bad 80s music, must not go unnoticed though I somehow forgot to point it out during our meeting. Adam has studied ants all over the United States and in South America. Adam has an ant tattooed on his shoulder and a degree in film that he pursued merely as an excuse to spend more time watching ants. His senior thesis? A film about ants of course.
I am envious of people like Adam. People who have known, seemingly from day one, what that one thing is that they were meant to do in life. Most of us are more like me, dabbling in a lot of different things which we're pretty good at but not outstanding. Over the course of a day I'm a caretaker and teacher, a housekeeper, and cook, and a writer-slash-supplement coordinator. I do all of these things adequately, but not spectacularly. Over the course of a few weeks, in the few minutes that pass for my spare time, I may dabble in painting, drawing, guitar playing, gardening, knitting, quilting, and belly dancing. Again, adequately, but not spectacularly.
Driving home from the interview I thought about other people who are like Adam. I thought of our senior class president, Craig, who read the news on our school's morning TV program, Perspectives. Twenty years later, Craig co-anchors the news for a Miami TV station.
I'm only in touch with two high school classmates, which seems odd given that I still live in my hometown but it stands to reason as I never was much of a joiner.
At home I got the run down on the day's events from my parents: who ate what for lunch, who napped, and why my older son has a big red mark on his cheek. Then I checked my e-mail. In the middle of the myriad of Freecycle listings was a message from one of those two classmates passing along the specifics of our 20th high school reunion.
The message directed me to a Yahoo group specifically set up for the class of 86 and the most recent message on the post was from Craig!
And it's odd because although you may reminisce about high school constantly, I don't, much. Though knowing that this reunion is only two months away will probably have me thinking about it more. I may not have one grand passion that's been my life's work, but at least I've got a bunch of interesting facts about ants I can use as conversation starters if I do end up going to the reunion.

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Tom said...

I got this weird message in my school email and accidentally emptied my trash bin. It was about someone named Emma passing away. I have no clue who this Emma person is so I googled the Enterprise to see if there was anything about her and found your blog. I still don't know anything more about Emma, but I know a lot more about you.
I knew you had a child but I think from reading a few entries you have 3?! Wow! I remember when Craig Stevens was on channel 7 in Boston and thinking how he was pretty much the same in high school. I am in purposeful contact with no one from high school except the occasional parent in the hallways or classroom. Well, that is getting more and more common the last few years. You'd be amazed by how many kids I have had whose parents I knew from high school.
I don't have any children of my own but that may change soon. I got married in 2001 to Elizabeth. We have been together since 1996. I got my master's in 1999 from Lesley. I bought a home in Wareham in 1998, fixed it up and sold it two summers ago when the real estate market was ripe and bought a home in E. Freetown. The commute is about 45 minutes. I enjoy the drive, it allows me to listen to NPR and the news and satellite radio keeps me up on pop culture. I've travelled quite a bit over the years. Europe is the only continent I haven't been to yet (yeah, Antarctica too if you're counting that).
It's been 12 years since I've spoken to or seen you. Your entry about your high school reunion made me want to write you.
I would like to move to Falmouth if my wife and I have children. I think it's a darn good place to raise kids and from reading some of your blogs you take advantage of what's good about Falmouth. Your blogs remind me why I decided to stay at Morse Pond and keep connected to Falmouth. I do love the town. I think I'd love it even more if I had children of my own and raised them there. Your blogs make it very clear how great a mom and wife you are. The humor, love, and corporate awareness you express make your connections to Falmouth very meaningful.
I get to be a night owl in the summer. Your blogs let me know that you are happy. I am happy too.
Tom Wilson

humor after 50 said...

Middle of the road - middle child - middle management - I TOTALLY understand. If it weren't for us, there would be no number one, no first place and absolutely no winners! I liked your post. And I think it's wonderful you got a response from a classmate. Have fun at your reunion!

Joanne said...

This is a VERY old post. I didn't go to my 20th reunion, or to my 25 two years ago. It was nice to hear from Tom though. Thanks for commenting!

Joyce Lansky said...

Enjoy your high school reunion. It's interesting to see what people have done and how they change over the years. Which reminds me, I recently attended my 40th. Dayum!

Kathy said...

One of these times I will go to my high school reunion for the fun of it!