Thursday, June 29, 2006

Strawberry Fields Forever

Red alert! Everyone within the sound of my keyboard needs to drop what they are doing immediately, run don't walk to Tony Andrews Farm where there are ripe strawberries in need of picking. An overcast like today is perfect for picking, you don't have to worry about sunburn. Supermarket strawberries are a sad, pathetic, second to their delicious local counterpart. Sure, store bought's okay if you douse them with sugar and bake 'em in a rhubarb pie, but while they are cooking you could be eating the ones you picked today after merely rinsing them off. They are pure sweetness. Your kids don't eat fruit? They'll eat these. They're cheaper in the supermarket? Of course they are, they aren't as good! You don't have time to pick them yourself? They have them for sale at the farm stand. You don't know where the farm is? It's on Old Meeting House Road in East Falmouth. You don't know where that is? Ask someone! Enough questions, leave now!

song: Strawberry Fields Forever • artist: the Beatles

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