Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Blueberry Hill

Remember what I said last month about strawberries at Tony Andrews? Well now it's blueberries at Coonamessett Farm. Blueberry season is a little longer than strawberry season and happily Coonamessett is open until 8PM so you don't have to rush right over there and pick in the sweltering sun, unless you're gunning for that true migrant field worker experience. One summer I helped my sister who was picking strawberries for Tony Andrew's farm stand. It was hot and sunny and at one point one of Tony's extended family brought us a drink, the best iced tea I've ever drank.
And speaking of the weather, why do we look forward to summer when we either don't go outside because it's raining or it's sunny but we can't go outside because the air quality is bad. Seems like something's rotten in Denmark if you ask me, but, that's a blog for another day. For today let's at least be happy that we can get fresh blueberries, the size of nickels, locally.
I hate to keep sounding like an advertisement, but while you're at the farm check out the eggplant, purple peppers, and zucchini. Anyone for ratatouille?

song: Blueberry Hill • artist: Louis Armstrong

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