Monday, July 31, 2006

wedding bell blues

Our scientist-friend Margie is getting married on Sunday. The wedding is North of Boston although Margie's been living in North Carolina for several years. After the wedding she'll be moving to Miami.
I can't picture her living in Miami, but knowing Margie, she'll spend all her time in her lab anyway. Maybe she'll appear on CSI: Miami, the episode where they dump the body into some shallow water and it's partially devoured by killifish.

Note: Margie, if you are reading this and you want your wedding present to remain a surprise, don't read any further!
So I've had an idea of what to get for a wedding present for a while now. Actually ever since I wrote that supplement story about pottery I've been looking for an excuse to buy something from one of the potters I interviewed. A wedding - the perfect opportunity. I had planned to get a set of mugs with fish carved into the rims but when the baby and I finally made it over the the pottery studio this morning she didn't have four mugs that were the same. I would have gotten four that were of the same style but with different nautical designs on them, but that wasn't an option either. The potter wasn't there, just a note saying the studio was on the honor system and to leave a check with the appropriate sales tax. The appropriate sales tax? And you thought you'd never need to use math again once you graduated from high school!

Note: Margie, I'm also going to give away Connie's gift as well.
So anyway I kind of panicked and bought a small lamp in the fish design. I'm afraid it might be a bad choice though because Margie gave us a lamp for our wedding present. An eye for an eye, a lamp for a lamp? Maybe she'll think it's a bad joke. Maybe she'll think we didn't like the lamp she got us. There was a nice serving platter but Connie said she bought a bowl and a shallow bowl is almost the same as a serving platter so I didn't want to duplicate. Maybe I should have been assertive and gone home and called Tessa on the phone, or I could have just left a note. She probably has a ton of mugs in a back room somewhere.
Plus I couldn't help feeling like I was stealing walking out with the lamp, even though I doubled checked my figures on the appropriate sales tax.

Note: Margie, here comes the picture!

song: wedding bell blues • artist: The Fifth Dimension


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