Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Pay Me My Money Down

We're limping towards the 21st century at our house with our recent mastery of downloading recordings to the computer off i-tunes. Yes, we've finally arrived with our new ability to resurrect songs that theoretically might be better off dead, any time we like. Lost 45s like "How Do You Do?," "Ride Captain Ride," and "Me And You And A Dog Named Boo," as well as bad 70s tunes like America's "Daisy Jane," and even songs that have been relegated to being played only at office Christmas parties like "Come On Eileen."
There's no time to ponder the world's problems when there are important decisions to make right here at home like whether or not we should purchase the three-and-a-half minute version of "Tainted Love" or go all out and get the almost nine-minute "Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go" rendition.
Some things are missing though, there's no AC/CD, not that I'm a huge fan; I can't get the studio recording of Warren Zevon's "Mr. Bad Example," only a live version, and I wonder - did anyone ever recorded "Uncle Jed" or is the only way I'll be able to hear it again is if Joe Sutton and the Safe Sextet reunite for a world tour.
Tonight's 99¢ was spent on the purchase of "The MTA Song" more famously known as "Charley on the MTA."
Come on, it's a catchy tune, admit it! I intend to sing it to the kids. It always begs the question though, if his wife could hand him a sandwich through the window of the Scollay Square Station every day, why couldn't she just slip him that bleedin' extra nickel as well?

song: Pay Me My Money Down • artist: Bruce Springsteen/Pete Seeger

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