Sunday, July 30, 2006


I'd say it's official. He's walking. He's not walking all the time, he totters a few steps and then goes back to the crawl. But when do you actually say they are walking? Do you wait until they choose walking over crawling? Till they've mastered walking across the kitchen? 1000 meters?
Wouldn't it be funny to dress a tottering baby up as Frankenstein for Halloween? They could play the part so well. People always compare those first few steps to a drunken sailor but it's much more of a Frankenstein gait. The locked knees, the outstretched arms, the semi maniacal grin that says "yes, mom, I'm afraid it's all over for you now."

song: Staggerlee • artist: the Grateful Dead

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Anonymous said...

This photo reminded me that there simply aren't enough pictures of pudgy baby piggies out there. I could handle less Paris Hilton, more baby toes. :)