Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Poor Wandering One

Dear Connie,
There was an news brief in today's paper about a guy who rear ended another driver on Main Street because he was distracted by his pet bird! The bird was sitting on his shoulder at the time of the accident.
I hope you don't drive around Ottawa with Buddy perched on one shoulder and Jack on the other!
The brief ended by saying that the driver was given a verbal warning for following the other car too closely. And yet no warning at all about the inherent dangers of driving with a bird on one's shoulder and not a bit of information on whether or not the man was dressed as a pirate. Arrrrr!

song: Poor Wandering One • musical: Pirates of Penzance


Dan Brown said...

I'm quite familiar with this bird, I've photographed him sitting atop said person's shoulder. I don't believe he would have been dressed as a pirate, but one can still imagine such an image on Main St.

Joanne said...

My friend Connie, who you probably guessed has two birds of her own, was concerned that the bird's condition following the accident wasn't given in the paper. Perhaps we need a follow up story?
There used to be a guy who road his bike around town with a cat perched on his shoulder. We should get the two of them together with the birdman.
Or maybe not.