Monday, April 30, 2007

Just Can't Wait

What is the appropriate amount of time one should spend on hold before giving up and acknowledging that, despite the soothing classical music, your call is assuredly lost in the ether of the Fidelity hold system? I called with a question about my son's 529 account and was on hold long enough for my future college graduate to wake up from his nap. I felt I ought to cut the connection and go upstairs before he climbed out of his crib, fell on his head and sustained a brain injury which would result in bad grades on his MCAS and SATS, and lead to his not being accepted at even his back-up college sixteen years from now. Perhaps that was Fidelity's intension all along.

song: Just Can't Wait • artist: J. Giles Band

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justme said...

I find it funny that my husband believes it is easier for me to handle some phone calls at home as opposed to him at work. Yes b/c he believes it will take 2 seconds for the call....NOT !!! I have started sooo many calls and have had to hang up due to crying, screaming, fighting, diaper changing....