Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sweet Child O' Mine

Estelle and her family have been in town and came to our house for dinner last week. I was going to say that Estelle was Ken's last roommate; she lived with us at the Gunning Point house back in 1999 before we got married, but I guess technically that distinction belongs to me. Besides, she's got her own Ken now, plus baby Yumi.
It wasn't enough that she brought me a floaty pen with a picture of a volcano on it from the town in France where they live, I had to go and eat my son's gift of a chocolate bar too.
I'm no expert, but it seemed like a quality bar of chocolate. I know someone who would know, but alas she is out at sea. The label said the following: Onctueux coeur de truffe et coulis de chocolat. Enrob├ęs d'un intense chocolat noir 70% cacao. I don't know what that means. It seems I am destined to forever regret not paying attention in high school French class. My guess is it says "this chocolate is so good you will want to steal it from a four year old." I, however, like to think of it not as stealing so much as saving my son from the perils of tooth decay. By eating the candy bar I'm keeping him from a potential lifetime of oral hygiene woes. It's the dental equivalent of throwing myself in front of a bus; in this case not to save his life but to save his teeth.
Besides, we established on Friday that he can always get his sugar fix from Children's Tylenol.

song: Sweet Child O' Mine • artist: Guns N' Roses


Melting Mama said...

It's truffle-like chocolate, enrobed in intensely dark chocolate. That said, send me some? :D

Joanne said...

Alas! if only she had brought more...