Sunday, April 22, 2007

De Do Do Do

Here's some Earth Day irony.
When we were in Maine last month we took a few long walks. I noticed on one that the Trustees of Reservations, or whoever maintains the trail, offered the public a dispenser of small plastic bags at the trailhead. This enables dog walkers to be responsible for literally carrying out everything their pets carry in. In theory it's a great idea right? No poop on the trails for us non-dog walkers to step in, or for our children to play in (cause you know they would if they could).
The problem is that twice we saw tied baggies left behind, inadvertently or not, on the trail. So now, instead of doggie waste in the open air that would quickly decompose (or get eaten by other dogs), now there's doggie do that is hermetically sealed in plastic bags which could end up being in the woods for eons - or at least until it blows into nearby Portland Harbor.

song: De Do Do Do • artist: The Police

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