Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Harden My Heart

No doubt everyone reacts to a new pregnancy differently and in a hundred odd, idiosyncratic ways. One of the things I began doing immediately was squirreling away a third set of commemorative state quarters for the new baby. H and C each have a set in the works, both are neatly ensconced in deluxe government-issued folders.
So one of the funnier things that crossed my mind last week when I was driving home from the doctor's office, after I got the car turned around and headed in the right direction, was that I'd better get going on a fourth set - right away!
Can't you just see my kids 30 years from now?
"Isn't it great Mom saved all these quarters for us?"
"Sure is. What'd you spend your $12.50 on?"

song: Harden My Heart • artist: Quarterflash

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