Sunday, August 12, 2007

It Sure Was Better Back Then

We've got Plimoth Plantation and New Harbor Maine has Colonial Pemaquid. Never heard of Colonial Pemaquid? I'm not surprised. As far as early settlements go, it wasn't exactly a success. The settlement was sacked by just about everybody: the Abenakis, the French, and even the pirate Dixie Bull who made off with a load of the supplies and ammunition.
In order to protect the settlement a fort was built. It's known today as Fort William Henry though that was the fort's second name. Originally it was Fort Charles, and for 30 years after it was Fort William Henry it was Fort Frederick. Fort William Henry, despite being named for the current publisher of the Enterprise as well as one of the kings of England, was a miserably ineffective fort. It was destroyed by Native Americans and their French allies a mere four years after it was built.
One of the fort's towers has been reconstructed, and history buffs (and the rest of us) can climb it and visit the museum housed next door for just $2 each.
On the other hand, the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse is a success story. It's the lighthouse featured on the Maine State quarter. A tour of the lighthouse keepers home (now a fisherman's museum) is also $2.

song: It Sure Was Better Back Then • artist: Steve Forbert

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