Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It Takes Two

So I was planning to tell you today that we're having a baby in February. But after having an ultrasound today, it looks as if we're having twins in January. So either after the first of the year I'll never have time to write these posts again, or it will be all I have time to do since I won't be leaving my house for the next five years.
Good thing I was already lying down when the doctor told me.
Then she asked me if I could drive myself home. I said that I could, left, and proceeded to get on the highway going in the wrong direction.

song: It Takes Two • artist: Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston


Anonymous said...

Congrats and start looking into those meetings for mothers of twins or maybe you do not want to know what they go through. You are a great Mom...... Sue

Anonymous said...

Joanne - Wow Twins!!! Congrats!!!


Laura said...

Congratulations Joanne!! You've been blessed twice more, that's wonderful!