Monday, June 30, 2008

All Out Of Luvs

My college summers were spent working at the supermarket (it was Purity Supreme then, Shaws now). During those summers, amidst the ringing and bagging of groceries, I learned a few life lessons. For example, never put the eggs on the bottom of the bag - and - if a customer's pint of strawberries spills onto the conveyor belt during check out, never argue with them over whether or not they new a new pint, just go and fetch one.
There was one couple who came in, not regularly, but often enough, who drove a Volkswagen bug (yellow). In helping them carry out their groceries I learned that in a bug, what there was of a trunk was in the front of the car.
From this couple I also learned that you can never have too many diapers.
After they had been coming in for a while, maybe it was during my second summer of working at the store, they started showing up with a baby. Later that same summer they showed up one night carrying said baby, who was naked. The three of them headed straight to the diaper aisle, took down a package in their preferred brand and sped off towards the bathrooms in the rear of the store. They returned minutes later with the baby, now diapered, and the package of diapers, now opened.
They didn't need any help getting their groceries out to the car that night.

song: All Out Of Love • artist: Air Supply

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