Monday, June 23, 2008

Something About The Way You Look Tonight

Recently I inherited a pair of cat eyeglasses with magnifying lenses, straight out of the 1950s. Ken said I looked like a college professor in them. I've never worn glasses but that seemed as good a reason as any to start. If I can't be a college professor, at least I can look like one; and is it just me or has the type in e-mails been getting smaller lately?
Tonight I wore the glasses when I read bedtime books to H and C. I read two books, orchestrated teeth brushing and lights out and neither of them asked why I was wearing glasses. They didn't even notice. This just proves that how I look is inconsequential. I could be naked and wearing a green wig and it wouldn't be half as interesting as Arthur's TV Trouble or Arthur's Computer Disaster.
Speaking of Arthur (and I'm always speaking of Arthur these days), isn't it odd how Marc Brown completely changed the look of the characters in the early Arthur books as compared to more recently published stories?
That, my children noticed.

song: Something About The Way You Look Tonight • artist: Elton John

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