Friday, June 13, 2008

I'd Love To Change The World

The twins made their first appearance at Besty's Diner last Wednesday. They seated all of us in the same booth we were seated in the first time H went to Betsy's except that now there are so many of us the host had to pull two tables together. It must be the designated seating area for families with potentially troublesome babies.
It wasn't the twins first diner visit though. That honor goes to Angelo's Diner in New Bedford. Just around the corner from the Buttonwood Zoo.
Because Ken and I both ordered the turkey dinner, there were plenty of leftovers. We brought all the turkey home for the cat. I think I saw Ken washing the meat off before putting them in her dish. If she were a wild cat she'd eat mouse entrails. Consequently, I think she can work her way around a smidgen of mashed potatoes on her turkey dinner.
Now they make this cat food called 100% BG (before grain). It contains 100% of whatever the ingredient is on the label. It's the equalivant of cooking up ground beef or a roast chicken for her every night, which would probably be cheaper in the long run than opening these little cans to supplement her special-diet dry cat food. However, having lived up to her end of our bargain by hanging in until my fortieth birthday, I figure she's more than entitled. I passed on getting her 100% quail or salmon though. It sounded like something I should be spreading on a cracker rather than feeding to my pet.
Here's another confession that will further sully my tree-hugging reputation. Sometimes, on Friday nights, I like to veg in front of the television and watch reruns of CSI Miami. I'd rather watch reruns of Northern Exposure or X-Files but I can't seem to find either of those.
I'm hoping that when next season rolls around, with a nod to climate change, perhaps they'll downgrade Horatio's Hummer to something more fuel efficient, like maybe a Yukon or a Denali.

song: I'd Love To Change The World • artist: Ten Years After

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