Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Impossible Dream

It was a triple whammy day. A small boy's dream. Lawrence and Lynch was doing road work on our street, our next door neighbor's septic system was undergoing an upgrade and there was a bulldozer parked in his front yard, and, the oil man came to clean our furnace. The morning was a cornucopia of interesting things for C and H to see and ask questions about. They didn't know what to do first.
Later in the day I had one twin asleep in the living room and the other sleeping in the kitchen. This made both those rooms off limits to me for fear of waking either of them. Yep, I live in fear of my babies. I couldn't even clean up in the office because the cat was asleep in the newspaper recycling basket. I was off the hook and left with nothing to do but watch YouTube all afternoon. It was a mommy's dream.

song: The Impossible Dream • musical: Man of LaMancha

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