Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Shine On

Since January we've been going to bed with the hall light on so that when one of the twins wakes up in the night I can see to nurse him. This was working well until recently when it starting getting hot at night and we set up the air conditioner that goes in the bedroom window. Now, if I open the door to let light from the hall into the bedroom, there goes all our cool air. On the other hand, if I close the door, I can't see the twins, nor can I hear H or C, should one of them wake up during the night.
It's as if I can't have my cake and keep it cool too.

song: Shine On • artist: Entrain

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Anonymous said...

Frankly I'm surprised anyone ever leaves your room- all toys, snacks, etc. should be in there by now!! Laurie