Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So Far Away

Anyone been playing the license plate game this summer? I'd have to say that out-of-state plates are down this season, probably due to the high price of gas. Or to the fact that I never leave my house and not a lot of out-of-state plates drive down my dead end, dirt road. Last week, though, I had a license plate first; a white van with a Saskatchewan license plate was parked in Town Hall Square. Saskatchewan Jerry! Saskatchewan!
I tried to point it out to Ken by gesticulating wildly from the front seat of the truck. He was driving behind me in the mini van but was oblivious to me as usual. Too bad. A Saskatchewan license plate, like a rare bird sighting, is probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. After all - how many cars can there be in Saskatchewan anyway?
There's a debate that seems to always rage about which group of drivers is the worst: teenagers or the elderly. Just today I read a statistic that said an 18 year old who is talking on a cell phone while driving has the reaction time of a 70 year old who is not talking on a cell phone. Who does these studies anyway? All the studies are wrong though. I'll tell you who the most distracted drivers on the road are: parents in mini vans. When you see a mini van on the road you should steer clear if you value your life. You have no idea what's going on in there. Crying babies, arguing preschoolers, yogurts being spilled, CDs being fought over, library books being pitched into the "way back," and multiple requests to play "I spy," are all being juggled by some sleep-deprived parent who most likely can't remember where they are going.
One who's at the same time checking out the license plate of the car in front of her.
Damn. Florida again.

song: So Far Away • artist: Carol King


Anonymous said...

I am almost crying I am laughing so hard. So true. I am enjoying catching up with you. And I did try to get the 17 and almost 22 year old to play the license plate game on the almost 10 hour car trek home, but no takers. We were in serious trouble when the beloved ipod tunes were on their 3rd go around and what my kids remember most about other car trips(meaning when they were younger) is me saying " If I can hear that you're going to be deaf when you're my age"- hmm walkman to ipod and I'm still saying it. Laurie

Joanne said...

I can't believe they didn't want to play the license plate game!
I suppose they don't remember punch buggy either.