Friday, August 01, 2008

Whole Lotta Love

So I've been working on my Facebook page. If you aren't one of my nine friends, sorry, you can't see it. But just ask and I'll add you. I'm looking to compensate for the unpopularity of my youth by accumulating hoards of Facebook friends I barely know.
I think people my age only have Facebook pages so we can spy on our kids. I'm sure we've ruined this forum for them. Soon they will all go off and create something new in cyberspace, if they haven't done so already, and us oldsters won't remember why we created Facebook pages to begin with.
Speaking of old. In editing my profile I noticed that the range of dates one could choose from in indicating what year they graduated from high school went back as far as 1910.
That's pretty inclusive. Assuming they were 18 when they graduated high school, that would mean the oldest Facebook member was born in 1892, making them an impressive 117 years old in 2008.
I'll bet they've accumulated a lot of friends.

song: Whole Lotta Love • artist: Led Zeppelin

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