Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer Days

I know what you've been wondering. It's not how is H's potty training going or how are you managing with the twins. It's how goes the gardening and the campaign to eat more locally grown produce this summer? Well I thought I'd take this week to tell you.
This summer it's been easier to work locally grown foods into our meals than last summer. I don't even have to obsess over my one item a day gimmick. I think I'm easily using locally grown foods in all our dinner meals because I have dubbed this "the summer of the salad."
It has been my goal this summer to keep a variety of salads in the fridge at all times. Not limited to green leafy salads, I've made taboulis, barley salads, beet salads, a ridiculously spicy moroccan carrot salad, chicken salad, and tuna salad. I think that this is the turning point I contemplated last summer when I realized that in order to incorporate more local foods into our diet I would have to change the foods we ate. It's not easy to get local produce into a baked mac and cheese, or a tuna casserole. It is easy to get them into salads and pesto.
It also helps that I'm not pregnant this summer. Last summer looking at lettuce made me nauseous.

song: Summer Days • artist: The Partridge Family

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