Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baby You Can Drive My Car

Why do we make baby toys in the shape of car keys? Isn't handing the car keys over to one's teenager one of life's most terrifying thoughts? And yet we readily give plastic toy keys to our babies to chew on. Where's the logic in that?
Speaking of keys - I couldn't find mine on Monday. Back in the olden days, loosing my keys would have upset me - I always hated losing things. But now that I lose my mind on a regular basis misplacing the keys is no big deal; after all, unlike my sanity, I do have a back up set.
So I used the spare keys all day and that night, when I took N out of his car seat, I found them. He had been sitting on top of them. Guess he wants to get started with the real McCoy even before his teens.

song: Baby You Can Drive My Car • artist: The Beatles

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