Saturday, August 23, 2008

Come Back When You Grow Up

Gardening and kids just go together. What else could explain the analogy, "children grow like weeds?" Every garden plot, no matter how small, contains dirt and bugs, what more could a five year old want? I upped the gardening ante this summer by signing C up for the Little Sprouts gardening class at Coonamessett Farm which met every Monday from 1:30 until 3:00. Initially he couldn't understand why. "I already know about gardening," he informed me.
Instead of a prolonged discourse on how people spend their entire lives learning to become better gardeners and how that's really the beauty of the activity - it's something you can improve at with age - I merely told him to wait and see if he liked it.
The final class met this week. He must have liked it because Sunday night his younger brother asked if he could sleep with him and C told him "no" because he had gardening class and he had to wake up "by one o'clock."

song: Come Back When You Grow Up • artist: Bobby Goldsboro

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