Saturday, July 12, 2008

Things You Left Behind

It's a theory of mine that our own personal universes expand in proportion to our surroundings. For example if we get a raise and start making a few more dollars we increase our standard of living to match out new found wealth. Likewise, the size of one's house dictates how much stuff he or she will hoard away. Similarly, now that at I'm driving a mini-van I have to fight the urge to carry around entire wardrobes with changes of clothing for each one of us, plus swim wear and towels for the occasional, impromptu, beach stop. I desire not to do this because the diaper bag, the double stroller, and the economy-size bag of wipes, all of which I regard as necessities, effectively fill up the rear of the van.
This means I am constantly packing and unpacking the car, and trying to remember to bring specific items every time we leave the house.
This means I forget something just about every day.
On Monday it was sweatshirts for H and C to bring to the Commodores game. Who knew it was going to cool off?
On Tuesday it was hats for N and S to wear while we were in the ice arena.
On Wednesday it was shoes for H, which wasn't a problem until we had to stop at Amber Waves and I had to carry him in and make him sit on the check out counter while we shopped.
On Thursday we didn't go anywhere.
On Friday we went to Goodwill Park. I remembered the sunscreen, the snacks, the bottled water, the ball, the bat, the clippers, and even all of C's dress up clothes to wear to the theater that night. In fact I was feeling pretty good about things as I was driving home from dropping off H and C with my parents.
Then I remembered that I hadn't brushed my teeth that morning.

song: Things You Left Behind • artist: The Nails


Anonymous said...

THE CLIPPERS? You can tell I'm catching up on your life- so to speak. Laurie

Joanne said...

Yes, of course the clippers. You must bring the clippers to the park in case the need arises to clip branches off of trees (you remember trees, they used to have them in parks?) and fashion fairy houses with them.
We left an excellent one in Goodwill Park on Friday.