Monday, September 15, 2008

Bus Stop

The president screwed with daylight savings, why couldn't he do something useful and initial the 48-hour day so I could have the time to get things done?
When C started kindergarten earlier this month I didn't realize it was going to be so exhausting for me. I guess I didn't think it through very well or it would have been obvious. First there's having to get up at 7:15 every morning, which, while not excruciatingly early is still early when you consider that I'm not in bed much before midnight (I'm usually still aimlessly wandering around my house at midnight randomly picking up out-of-place things and putting them where they belong), plus I'm still up at least once a night with one of the twins.
Instead of having to get up three mornings a week like last year, now it's five mornings plus I have to walk him to the bus stop when last year I sent him off with Ken. I have to pack lunch - lunch and a snack. I also have to pack lunch for H three days a week. I know that it's not physically tiring to have to drive H to preschool or to pick him up and then meet C at the bus stop but it takes an emotional toll, especially trying to keep H from running into the street while we wait for C's afternoon bus.
Then there's reading all the notes from the school and making sure C has red, white, and blue on in order to celebrate National Anthem Day; that must be the holiday with which they've replaced Christmas. There are notes from the PTO about various fund-raising efforts, too many packages to choose from for school picture day and the need to keep up with vitally important events like ice-cream-at-lunch day, which is Thursday and last week I forgot to give C 75¢ so he could get himself a frozen treat.
C's favorite part of school? Riding the bus.

song: Bus Stop • artist: The Hollies


Anonymous said...

Love it and fair warning - DO NOT FORGET PAJAMA DAY!! A lovely visit today from Ken and H. and S. I got to carry S. to the car. Made my day.

Joanne said...

Holy cr-p! When is pajama day?
What if he only wears a t-shirt and a pull-up to bed?