Monday, September 29, 2008

Last Song

Alan O'Day, as I'm sure everyone knows, wrote and performed the chart topping 1977 song Undercover Angel. He's also the writer behind the hits Angie Baby and Rock 'n' Roll Heaven. If I were Barry Scott conducting a Lost 45s where-are-they-now interview with Mr. O'Day, I'd say that Mr. O'Day has a long awaited new album out, his first in 28 years. It's titled "I Hear Voices" and you can hear voices - Mr. O'Day's that is - at where you can also purchase or download the CD.
Unfortunately, if I were Barry Scott, I'd be too busy planning to appeal a recent fine in an alleged disturbing the police incident that happened right here on Provincetown, Cape Cod last summer and reeks of being a hate crime, to properly focus on the interview.
But I guess that's a story for another day.

song: Last Song • artist: Edward Bear


Alan said...

Hey Joanne,

Thanks so much for mentioning my new CD. Also for mentioning my old friend Barry Scott.


Joanne said...

Dear Alan,
It is my great pleasure to mention your new CD and to wish you luck with it.
As for Barry Scott, I have many fond memories of listening to the Lost 45s in college when it aired on WZLX, I wish him the best as well.