Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm Walkin'

A series of events triggered by yesterday's half-day of school found me pushing the twins around Pine Bay at 9AM instead of at our usual time which is after dinner. I feel self conscious pushing babies around in a stroller in the morning because I think that I must look like some kind of wealthy yuppie suburban stay-at-home mom; when really I'm a middle class, aging hippy, part-time worker mom, currently procrastinating on the fall home and garden stories she should be writing.
As on most trips I had my iPod on and was listening to all my favorite NPR shows the kids interrupt over the weekend. This morning the podcast was Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. The "Not My Job" segment featured Leonard Nimoy. As I'm not much of a Trekkie I'd never noticed that Leonard Nimoy sounds exactly like my Uncle Mike. As I continued walking, I pondered this coincidence. "Is my uncle a Vulcan?" I wondered. Engineers are, by nature, logical people. But then came the more obvious answer; Peter Sagal mentioned that Leonard Nimoy grew up in Boston.
At the end of the walk, just barely audible over the din of lawn mowers and leaf blowers, I heard fall. It was the sound of acorns falling off oak trees in my front yard.
We needed two blankets on the bed last night.

song: I'm Walkin' • artist: Fats Domino

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