Saturday, September 06, 2008

Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad

Has anyone heard this? At Courtney and Carolyn's post road race party I met a woman who told me that as far as the number of children in one's family goes, three is the new two. I took that to mean families are getting larger. It's a little confusing with 40 being the new 30 and all. Am I 40 with four children or 30 with three children. She didn't tell me what four is the new equivalent of. I assume four is the new three. But maybe if two of your four are twins then that's really only the new equivalent of two and a half, or maybe it's more like the new two, plus a puppy.
Recently I froze five containers of pesto made from Coonamessett Farm basil and three containers of spaghetti sauce made with our own big boy tomatoes. You'd think I grew up during the great depression - squirreling away food like that. My aunt grew up during the great depression. She used to squirrel away all the restaurant take out packages of ketchup, salt, and pepper, along with the extra creamers.
Four, three, or two and a half, if I had been a parent during the depression, my fellow mothers would have wanted to know why I had such a small family.

song: Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad • artist: Meatloaf

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