Friday, June 19, 2009

Give A Little Bit

Ah, the stress of the end-of-the-year gift for the teacher, and the speech teacher, and the teacher's aide, and the bus driver, and the bus driver's aide...
Before they got to the house this afternoon I put some banana/chocolate chip muffins in some leftover party goodie bags for H's bus driver and her assistant. I'm afraid the muffins were kinda dry because I left the butter in the microwave (again!). Instead of dry I preferred to think of them as "accidentally healthier."
Not good enough I guess because tonight H announced he was making a present for his bus driver. He proceeded to take one of his stuffed animals, a stuffed kitty accurately named, "kitty" and tape construction paper all over it. After, he taped the construction-paper-covered kitty to the dining room floor. It looked like a stuffed kitty in a well-staked-down tent.
Then he asked C if he would take the present to school tomorrow for Miss Mary.
C cried and said he didn't want H to give away the stuffed kitty because he would miss it.
H reconsidered and generously decided to give Miss Mary - our couch.
I said that I would miss the couch.
He reconsidered again (begrudgingly) and started making Miss Mary a card with "horse and doggie stickers on it."
Then he decided to give the card with the stickers on it to C instead.

song: Give a Little Bit • artist: Supertramp


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