Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm So Excited

This has to be the coldest month of June on record. Think of all those dads who didn't get to grill on Fathers Day. Isn't it enough that they got cheated out of unrecognizable crafts handmade by their children because Fathers Day feel after the close of school this year? Must they go without grilled grub and a day on the golf course as well?
The global warming nay-sayers must all be wagging the fingers and saying, "See? It's all bunk. Just like I told you."
The radio announcer described today's weather as "exciting." Mmmm. I'm sure that's how the local chamber of commerce is feeling about it too. It's exciting if you don't mind wind, rain, cold, and cancelled ferry boats day in and day out. It's exciting for me to walk around the house closing and opening windows and wondering how many blankets to put on the bed.
Is wearing footie pajamas in June exciting for my kids? I'll have to ask them. How about a big bowl of steaming hot chili when we should be moving on to chicken salad season?
H decided to forgo pull ups and wear undies to bed last night.
Now that's exciting.

song: I'm So Excited • artist: The Pointer Sisters

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Anonymous said...

That is really exciting, good for H. Big step for him.

yeah, I slow cook ribs for Father's Day this year, I think my husband preferred it.

the worst part about this weather is we've turned on the heat again.