Sunday, August 16, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I don't understand Siruis radio's 70s on 7, how come "Rockin Robin" is in their "jute box of cheese" and Leo Layer's "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" isn't? For that matter I don't understand why they are playing Gilbert O'Sullivan's rather depressing "Alone Again Naturally" on Kids Place at all.
Some songs can remind me of an entire school year. I'm thinking specifically of the song "Centerfold" by J.Geils - the song that pervaded eighth grade and was played at those painful junior high dances where no one danced. The song's lyrics painted a picture that was in stark contrast to the Bermuda bags and wide wale pants with the skinny interchangeable belts that also defined those years. There didn't seem to be any middle ground. One could strive to be either a preppy or a pin-up. Luckily Cyndi Lauper arrived on the scene soon after and provided me with an appropriate role model.

song: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun • artist: Cyndi Lauper


Anonymous said...

Thats post just brought me back. My parents refused to buy me one of those bags with the interchangable purse covers, my dad made me one and I could buy the covers with my own money. I also had a few of those belts.

but my song from 8th grade was "every breathe you take" I remember the dances at the WBYC and every one of them we dance to that. Do you remember the band Infinity, Sean Boyce's band? W

Where this stuff comes out of my head from I don't know.

KellyB - Medford

Joanne said...

I was too busy gazing wistfully at George Gakadis to notice what was playing at any WBYC dance.
I think my mother made all the covers for my Bermuda bag.
That's why I was never cool.