Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rock The Boat

CLOC's choice to performing both "Titanic" and "HMS Pinafore" this summer got me thinking if it would be possible for the company to do an entire nine-week season of nautically-based musicals.
Let's see - there's the aforementioned "Titanic" and "Pinafore." "Anything Goes" comes to mind right away as does last year's "Show Boat." I seem to recall one titled "Dames at Sea," and "Gondoliers" is a bit of a stretch but a gondola is a boat and we have to include two by Gilbert and Sullivan if we're to have a proper College Light Opera season. After that it gets somewhat trickier. New Moon is of course the name of a boat in the musical of the same title and in South Pacific there must be a boat because that's how Lieutenant Joe and the Frenchman get to the island where, as you surely recall, Joe meets with a tragic end.
Damn, that's only eight. Surely there's one more. Candide. There must be a boat in Candide. They do all that traveling; Candide, Cunegonde, and the woman with only one buttock.

song: Rock The Boat • artist: Hues Corporation

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